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                                                           QSL VIA IK2GZU :  MAURIZIO BUFFOLI          

                                       VIA DEGLI ANGELI,9  I - 25033 COLOGNE (BS)  ITALY                                

                                                   BUREAU  DIRECT       LOTW   E-QSL (AFTER MY RETURN IN ITALY)


New postal rates in Italy since 3 JULY 2018
  1.15 EUR for Europe 
     2.40 EUR outside Europe 
     3.10 EUR Pacific (VK-ZL)
This is for lightweight letters, max 20 grams.  
Should you want to receive a direct please include:
2 USDs for Europe + SAE

3 USDs outside of Europe + SAE

4 USDs VK-ZL Pacific Area + SAE

                                                                         Each request with insufficient amount will be returned via the bureau. Thank You.

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