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Welcome in Swahili

The group with Father Tarcisio,the missionary who live in Tanzania

Ready to go:our destination Ilembula,about 800 km south west from Dar es Salaam

On the road

tea plantations


Mikumi National Park

.....after about 10 hours on the bus.......Ilembula!!!!!

Here we live for 40 days

The new Houses for the orphans

Inside the church on Sunday


At the secondary school


Finally, with a artificial leg, walking.........

Wednesday, washing day

7.30 AM before school gymnastics

My shack: Yaesu FT 100,Keyer ETM 3,Home made interface for digital modes

Another day without electric power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Windom Antenna 10-80 meters at 6 meters from the ground on a tree of papaya.

3 el.yagi triband fixed to europe..good path also with north america

The new Hospital of Ikelu open in October 2011

High voltage ....36000 volts!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Mama Fausta.Mother of many orphans....a very great woman

Mama Fausta and the orphans of Tumaini (Hope in english) village,building in 2002.Now it give hospitality to 98 orphans.

Village of Wangingombe.Center for the disabled. Here I made the electrical system

The Hostel for the family of disabled

The dinner is ready.......beans!!!!!

The road to Kipengere,a mission at 2000 meters,about 100 km from Ilembula

Here lives Baba Camillo,5H6CC

Also here many orphans.......

Makambako,one of major city of the region

Life at Makambako