ILEMBULA - TANZANIA            

                  FEBRUARY 2 -  MARCH 10  2011

                   MARCH 4 - APRIL 4 2012

   APRIL 7  -  MAY 8  2013    MAR 14 - APR 11 2014      SEPT.13 OCT.18 2015    NOVEMBER 7 - DECEMBER 2  2016

     MARCH 14 - APRIL 11 2017        OCT. 24 - NOV. 28 2018

                   SEPTEMBER 25 TO OCTOBER 28 2019 


                                                                               DONATIONS FOR VILLAGE OF HOPE (TNX)



 In the Catholic Mission of Ilembula,lives Father Tarcisio, a missionary and a volunteer, Mrs.Fausta. During my stay i worked to the Electrical system of a new houses for the orphans (most part due the AIDS),a new center for disbled children and various jobs in the new Hospital of Ikelu, a village about 50 KM from Ilembula.In 2011 during my spare time (not much) i oprated as 5H3/IK2GZUand then as 5H3MB on HF Bands.My equipment  was :Yaesu FT 100,3 elements Yagi triband fixed to Europe and a windom antenna on a tree pf papaya about 6-7 mtrs.from the ground (Tnx IK2WAD),home made interface for digtal modes.I had too many problems due the daily lack of electric power.Sometimes i operate with a car battery.In 2012 i operated as 5H3MB with a same setup but no have the 3 elements yagiand i used a dipoles.

  In 2013 and 2014 was no possibele to reinstall the yagi and i used same setup.

Many thanks to Mr. Paul Fahamuel and 5H3HO for the help to get my license, my friends of  BRESCIA CONTEST GROUP, ARI BRESCIA and IK2WAD for the support.

Thank you very much for the donations for the orphans and for the mission.



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